Friday, February 27, 2009

Montana Sunrise

Last night I went to the shop around 9 pm.  The week's snow and overcast had been replaced by bright stars.  Temps had dropped to around zero.

I went back to the house and told Wende, my wife, that we would get up early and go to the Game Range.  With the cold, clear conditions elk would be out and about.  

While we readied cameras and batteries, she asked, "Did you plug the truck in?"

I hadn't, but I did.

Morning temps hadn't dropped much, only about minus 2.

We slammed coffee and left.

It's only about ten miles from the house to the Game Range.  

On the way, Wende said, "Aren't the mountains beautiful?  We live in such a wonderful spot and we kinda' take it for granted."

Took some photos. But it was apparent that today wasn't a good day for elk photos.  Wind at the house was only about 10 mph.  The Game Range had wind around 40.   The road was starting to drift in in spots.

There were quite a few elk out, but with the wind, they were tucked in on the east slopes.  Took a few shots with the video camera, but they didn't turn out.

We were hunting elk photos, but instead all we got was some darn good scenery and a wonderful start to another day with each other.

Hope you all enjoy the scenery as much as Wende and I do.

We may try again tomorrow.  It won't be as cold, but might be less windy.  Yeah, right.



Deer Passion said...

Yes, it is absolutely gorgeous scenery! You live in a beautiful area and it's awesome to see you out enjoying it!

gary said...

Great family experience. Glad you made the effort and we can enter in to the fruits.