Friday, November 18, 2011

NRA Celebrates 140th Birthday

NRA Celebrates 140th Birthday

I missed this date yesterday, but it is an important day for all Americans; pro-gun or anti-gun.

Regardless of your stance on guns, they have helped keep us free for over 200 years and is only less important
than the rights guaranteed in the First Amendment.

Happy Birthday, NRA and American!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Elk Hunter's Responsibility

Unit 390 to Close for Wolf Hunting

The quota of 18 wolves has been reached in Wolf Management Unit 390.  It should close on the evening of 16 November.  The closure will eliminate about a third of the state of Montana from wolf hunting.

The quota for all of Montana was set at 220, and so far, 76 have been taken.

Previously, on 10-6-11, Subunit 313/316 was closed.

If you are an elk hunter, it is your duty to engage this hunt.  Elk hunters that have bought elk licenses over the years, or even bought guns, ammunition, or archery equipment have "equity" in the elk herds that are being thinned by wolves that most elk hunters didn't want to pay for.  Do YOUR duty!

He looks so much better with the crosshairs.

Stats of the wolf hunt can be found at Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Wolf Guide.