Saturday, April 23, 2011

Springtime in Montana 2011

Highpower Season 2011 starts in Montana!!

200-yard slowfire phase (offhand)
 Springtime in Montana!  Calving season is winding down and (hopefully) the snow will stop so we can move on to more enjoyable pursuits.

Checking sighting shots prior to 200-yard rapid fire phase (sitting).
 Last weekend was Montana Rifle and Pistol Club’s Spring Warm-up Match—the first highpower match of 2011.  While the weather forecast warned of possible snow, the white stuff never showed.  Thank God!  We have had several years worth of snow—even had another blizzard yesterday.

Montana’s Spring Warm-up Match is the first opportunity for shooters to blow the cobwebs from their barrels, burn some powder, and check last year’s zeros and this year’s skill.  Additionally, the MRPA issues AR-15 Service Rifles to a few members, usually junior shooter.

600-yard slowfire at 300 yards on reduced size targets (prone)
 For me it was a long awaited return to a sport that I love and have been fortunate enough to do well at.  (When I had the outfitting business there wasn’t enough time to practice, and without practice there was no “perfect.”  Personally, I’m not the type to just simply shoot without improving.  However, as I get older and my eyes lose their acuity, I may have to settle for less.)

Besides the exacting business of shooting, it is and was a time to rub shoulders with friends, tell old, sad jokes, and enjoy fellowship with like-minded people.  We all asked, “Has it really been ten years?”  Yep.  It has, and that is sad, sad, sad.  lol

600-yard slowfire (prone).
 Although there was no snow, we received a fish-tailing wind that wreaked havoc during the 600 yard slow-fire phase, which was conducted at 300 yards with reduced size targets since the road from 300 to 600 yards was too soft from snow melt to drive on.

This year I have a new match rifle shooting a new cartridge.  I will keep folks informed on the progress.  As for this match, I had expected to be rough in offhand (standing) and was, but I won the master class in the 600-yard (300 reduced) phase.