Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deadlines and More

OK, so I've gotten away from any "BULL ELK" stories and info.  I should return with some important stuff on Wednesday or Thursday (18 or 19 January).

There is one thing that has come up.  License deadlines for nonresident hunters coming to Montana are fast approaching.  

Nonresidents looking to hunt Montana's elk or deer have until March 15 to get all the paperwork completed.

A lot of rules govern which license a person needs.  I won't cover it in my blog.

That info can be found at either, MTFWP license deadlines, or MTFWP nonresident license deadlines.

My next few posts will cover a topic that I dread to speak on--rifles, scopes, etc.  As a former outfitter and former member of the Army's Marksmanship Unit and a civilian competitive shooter I have some specific ideas and views on what makes a good rifle, sight, SHOOTER combination.  And yet, those topics are very subjective considering no one else has the same experience I have had.

So, I will keep those topic as short as possible and warn everyone that I am biased toward my own good shooting etiquette.



Tom Sorenson said...

Glad you stopped by our place! Always nice to find another blogger - especially out here in the West. And especially if the blogger is an elk hunter! :) Such an awesome animal...Look forward to reading your musings and stories on the royal majesty of the Western wild country.

The Hunter's Wife said...

I found you from the OBS. I've added you to my google reader and will have to add you to my blogroll.

RGD said...

Nice Blog, I beleive I put it on my blog roll and keep dreaming of the day I can hunt Elk here in East Tennessee. (shouldn't be long)
Regards the Envirocapitalist