Monday, December 13, 2010

Front Fotos has Montana Photographs

Greetings from Montana's Rocky Mountain Front!

I have neglected my blogging duties for a while.  For those of you that tune in, I have said I would continue, but the "procrastination bug" bites and things, both important and not, are not blogged about.

One of the things that has allowed me to procrastinate is helping my wife start a business selling framed photographs.  We had hoped to be further along before Christmas, but . . . .   

If you have visited here before you may have noticed a few good photos.  (Maybe not.  HA)  Anyway, my wife will start a website to display her wares.  The photographs have been taken by both me and her.  For simplicities sake they will all be copyrighted by Wende R. Carroll.  Her business name is Front Fotos, a reference to our home on Montana's Rocky Mountain Front.  

Presently we are selling at small shows here in Montana and on eBay.  The following photos are matted, framed and signed and for sale on eBay.  Ebay link is located in the caption of the Royal Bull Elk, Winter Comfort, and Sawtooth Ridge; the rest are gone.

If you have any questions please email me.  I would be happy to answer all.

Royal Bull Elk

Winter Comfort

Sawtooth Ridge

Stikine Delta, Alaska
There are also a few postcards available.  Any postcards that she has can be purchased as matted and framed photographs.

Ernie Padilla, a friend of mine while I was in the Army in Panama used to say, "I'm a bad procrastinator. No, actually I am a very good procrastinator."

I hope I am not a good procrastinator!