Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mountains and Computers

Two Projects: One planned, the other--not so much

Planned Project

On Friday, 12 June, I hiked from the trailhead of Alice Creek to Lewis and Clark Pass on the Continental Divide. It's a short hike, but all uphill. I am working on a guest post for another blog. I finished the post today and you can read it here.

Looking north at Lewis and Clark Pass, the point Meriwether Lewis crossed on 7 July 1806.

Twisted pine on the summit of Lewis and Clark pass attest to the forbidding climate.

Unplanned Project:

Over the weekend a reader informed me that some photos weren't loading from my "Swimmin' with Griz" post. After a little work, I found that Blogger/Google/Picasa had lost my photos. This morning, 14 June, I reloaded photos and reformatted the post. If anyone had problems with the photos, please return and view them.

I may start to look at other options for my blog. I have had problems with comments being posted through the Blogger/Google option. Now, with lost photos and the extra work, B/G is becoming a pain.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday. The sun is shining here and it will be in the low 80s. Might be time to mow the grass. (I'm not sure that is better than computer chaos.)


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