Monday, June 8, 2009

A Recent Hike

Today it is snowing, raining, overcast and chilly--about 35 degrees.  I haven't written much lately, but thought I would share last week's hike.

Wende and I went to Willow Creek Gorge.  Temps were in the mid 60s. A nearly invisible breeze and a cloudless sky made easy walking and wonderful photos.

Approaching Willow Creek Gorge, Lewis and Clark Forest, Montana.

Although narrow, this is a horse trail up Willow Creek Gorge.

Waterfall in Willow Creek Gorge.

I overlooked these flowers, but Wende quickly pointed them out.

Waterfall midway through Willow Creek Gorge.

Heading out of Montana's Rocky Mountain Front.

It's less than two weeks before summer begins.  I hope the snow stops first.


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Rick Kratzke said...

That certainly is beautiful country.