Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Buffalo Road

My First Guest Post

On 7 July 1806, Meriwether Lewis and his crew crossed the Continental Divide at Lewis and Clark Pass, which is not far from here.

Lewis and Clark Pass, June 2009

On Friday, 12 June 2009, I drove to Alice Creek Basin and hiked to the pass to take pictures and plan a guest post for Doug Pologe's blog, "Lewis and Clark Trail Today." This blog details trips, excursions and historical sights of today that can be found along the Corps of Discovery's original route.

Lewis' route up the Blackfoot River, Lander's Fork and Alice Creek was and is filled with beaver. Clark didn't make this trip. He went to the Yellowstone River and rendezvoused with Lewis at the forks of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers.



carroll4212 said...

hey nice guest post. I went and read it.

Rick Kratzke said...

That is some beautiful country, I am almost envious of where you are.