Friday, April 20, 2012

Bank of America Googles Itself and McMillan Group

Earlier today, I posted a link to's Daily Bulletin.  The story indicates that Bank of America told McMillan Group International to find another banker--supposedly because McMillan Group makes firearms.  You can find Kelly McMillan's side of the story on McMillan Groups Facebook page (here).

It strikes me as odd that a company with the name "America" would try use some sort of anti-American social engineering to promote their business.  Especially, since so many American's--gun owners included--bailed out Bank of America with TARP and subsequent  bailout programs.  Maybe they should focus on making good loans and promote responsible banking practices instead of attacking a profitable, family-owned business that makes firearms for American Citizens, American's Military, and America's Law Enforcement community.

A couple hours after making my post this morning, I saw that I had a surge of activity on this blog.  Many people were "Googling," "McMillan, Bank of America."  And strangely, someone at Bank of American in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Googled it.  Here is a screenshot of BofA's google.

And it happened again later today, this time from BoA in Concord, California!!!

McMillan makes great rifles, stocks and accessories for those responsible American's--be they average citizens, military, or law enforcement.  Even I own a McMillan rifle, the Tubb 2000.  It is undoubtedly the best production-made Highpower competition rifle.  (It will probably always shoot better than I can.)

Tubb 2000 rifle in 6XC caliber.
I will continue to support and do business with McMillan, but not with Bank of America.

On my earlier post today I said, "IF I were doing business with Bank of America, I would stop doing business with Bank of America."  WELLLLL, it seems I had been doing business with Bank of America.  I have (had) two credit cards that I got while I was in college that were sponsored by the Golden Key International Honour Society and backed by Bank of America.

So long Bank of America!

Instead of googling after the fact, maybe Bank of America should have been more American before the fact.